The Progressive Care Programme

Additional Information

We are pleased to offer progressive care programmes for all light fixed-wing aircraft. We first carry out a complete annual inspection of the aircraft. The aim of which is to identify the general health of the aircraft and create a starting point for the new maintenance regime.

The progressive care programme is comprised of four ‘event inspections’, which are carried out at 50-hour intervals.

These are not the usual ‘Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme' (LAMP) 50-hour inspections. Event inspection includes an overall check of the aircraft with a more detailed focus on a specific area. For this to be possible, the aircraft is divided into four areas, with each getting a detailed inspection as part of the appropriate ‘event inspection’: 

1) Engine

2) Fuselage 

3) Left wing

4) Right wing.

By managing your engineering needs over a 12 month period and becoming more familiar with the aircraft, we can identify the timing and type of requirements.. You can therefore schedule any maintenance around your needs and availability, so you may plan accordingly.

Aircraft flying over the Sussex Coast

Aircraft flying over the Sussex Coast

What are the benefits?

The legal minimum for inspecting an aircraft is either every 100 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first). By carrying out several annual inspections at the same time, the aircraft never needs a more lengthy annual inspection. 

This method, therefore, minimises downtime. With an aircraft such as a Cessna 152 or Piper PA28 for example, defect inspection can take just two days. Over a 12-month period, this equates to only eight days (assuming utilisation of the 200 hours per year and no major defects).

*The only proviso to this programme is that all four ‘events’ must take place in a 12 month period in order to fulfil the EASA minimum inspection requirement.