About Us

Apollo Aircraft Maintenance have been in operation for over 25 years

Our engineers have a combined total of aviation experience of 125 years and specialise in light fixed-wing aircraft.

We understand and specialise in fleet maintenance, particularly those belonging to flying schools and clubs. Safety and airworthiness are fundamental considerations for any flight school’s aircraft maintenance plan as well as operational efficiency and flight hours. We help maximise fleet availability through a combination of the following four processes:

1)     Daily utilisation reporting by the operator - This allows you to plan the usage of the hangar space and engineer availability - ensuring all maintenance can be carried out at the appropriate time.

2)     Weekly Updates - these meetings are available as either one to ones or via Skype.  These aim to discuss any niggles with the aircraft, as well as upcoming maintenance checks, component changes etc.

3)     Defect analysis – We record defects that either our engineers, or operators in a database as standard. Defect analysis allows us to analyse any trends. This is something particularly valuable to those who have joint ownership of an aircraft which is available for self-hire.

4)     Maintenance customisation – any aircraft maintenance programme must be approved by the ‘National Authority of the State Registry’. Apollo Aircraft maintenance possess all the necessary approvals to offer CAA-approved maintenance programmes. 

For our Cessna and Piper customers, we operate a ‘progressive care’ programme. Please click here for more information.

Fixed-price maintenance

Customers that have completed the Progressive Care Programme with us become eligible for our fixed-price maintenance plan. This is a great solution for those that want to be able to budget for their inspections and have the peace of mind of an established, experienced aviation aircraft covering all their aircraft maintenance needs.